Have you ever wanted to write a screenplay?

Do you have an original idea you would like to dramatize?

Or maybe you would like to adapt your favorite novel into a script?

Or maybe you just want to try your hand at a new creative genre?

Join us in celebrating April as the month to write screenplays!

Inspired by*, we will host nightly screenplay clinics at the Writing Center for the first three weeks of April. We will meet from 7-9, Monday through Friday, from April 5 through April 20. You do NOT need to attend every night–the clinics are set up to be open-house style. You drop by when you feel the need to get feedback or guidance, or just to help force yourself to write, but you can also work from home.

For those of you who work well with a plan, we offer How To Write a Movie in 21 Days by Viki King.

For those of you who like to let the muse guide you, we offer resources for genre and plot development, and the camaraderie of fellow writers.

Whatever your writing process may be, come write a screenplay with us!

Anyone who registers (through the clinic) and completes 100 pages gets a prize, and those who complete 120+ pages get a deluxe prize!

Have Questions? Contact Professor Karen Schiler at: kschiler (at) drew (dot) edu

* Check out the national website for screenplay writers everywhere. We encourage you to register through their site as a way to keep yourself accountable and check out helpful resources.